Metatime Coin is the native token of MetaChain. While the initial supply of this coin was announced to be at the 10 billion level, during the launch process of the Metachain Mainnet, we assessed market needs and implemented a deflationary update in the Metatime Coin (MTC) tokenomics structure.

%50 Strategic Pool

Burn and strategic use. At least 1B MTCs will be burned

%20 Liquidity Pool

Market making and liquidity providing

%12 Miner & Developer

6 months cliff, 1000 days vesting

%10 Team Pool

12 months cliff, 1000 days vesting

%6 Investor Pool

Investor coins acquired through pre-sale, airdrop and staking

%2 Reward Pool

6 months cliff, 1000 days vesting

MTC Circulating Supply Projection

200 Million Investor Pool

All circulating coins, including those purchased during pre-sales, distributed through Airdrop, or earned through Stake, are included in this pool. All coins not yet in circulation but under the control of investors are defined in this pool.

600 Million Liquidity Pool

MetatimeCoin (MTC) allocated for listing processes on centralized and decentralized exchanges, and for healthy price formation in markets, resides in the liquidity pool. These coins will primarily be used on exchanges where MetatimeCoin is listed. They will also be used for Market Making activities on centralized or decentralized exchanges developed by Metatime.

350 Million Miner Pool

MetatimeCoin allocated for distribution to Proof of Meta (PoM) miners in the MetaChain consensus mechanism resides in the miner pool. After a 6-month cliff, these coins will be released with a 1000-day linear vesting period.

50 Million Reward Pool

MetatimeCoin allocated for distribution to users contributing to the Metatime ecosystem resides in the reward pool. After a 6-month cliff, these coins will be released with a 1000-day linear vesting period.

1.5 Billion Strategic Pool

This pool of 1.5 billion coins has been updated to provide both burning strategies and strategic actions for the development of the ecosystem.


At least 1 billion coins from this pool will be burned in burning campaigns within the next year, announced through our social media and executed with your support based on interaction numbers and specific price thresholds.

Strategic Actions

The remaining 500 million MetatimeCoin in this pool is allocated to encourage the entry of new corporate investors parallel to the development of the Metatime ecosystem. It will also be used to fund and facilitate the development of other projects initiated by our community.

300 Million Team Pool

Representing 300 million MTC, these MetatimeCoins will be released in equal distributions over 1000 days after a 12-month cliff.

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