MetaAnthill is a technology developed to synchronize the hybrid mining system on the MetaChain network and make the most efficient use of the resources of the hardware on which it resides, regardless of platform. In short, MetaAnthill is a txpool layer solution.

MetaAnthill is a work library written in Java, which acts as a platform-independent integrated accelerator and intelligent process router that works in conjunction with it. MetaAnthill, which scans the device at the hardware level and acts according to the hardware configuration and available resources, also creates the path structure of the network for synchronization between nodes.

The instantaneous fulfillment of millions of transactions in the blockchain network, synchronization between nodes, and 'rejection/acceptance' control are very important in solving the scaling problem. This is where MetaAnthill minimizes transaction confirmation times, while playing a critical role in scaling the MetaChain network. With the prevention of speed problems due to the scalability problem, TCPS (Transaction Check Per Second) can be offered as 700,000+ thanks to MetaAnthill. In other words, "Signature Verification" is performed instantly for each transaction and the transaction is instantly ACCEPTED or REJECTED.

MetaAnthill also serves different tasks depending on the role and node type of the miners in the network.

In MetaMiner, it ensures that the workload on the entire network is monitored and the workload is routed according to the incoming workload.

In MacroMiner, the network ensures that the hardware required for MetaChain is analyzed for the suitability, and the necessary software installations are completed and used.

In MicroMiner, it monitors node density and ping time, and provides communication and routing for fast synchronization and integration of all transactions into the blockchain network in the shortest way possible.

MetaAnthill divides transactions that come to the blockchain into two categories. To enable simultaneous control and acceptance of hundreds of thousands of transactions (excluding smart contract transactions), requests are processed by MetaAnthill through pre-checks and sent to the MetaMiner, MacroMiner, and MicroMiner, which are part of the hybrid mining system, to support block creation using smart load optimization. Transactions that have been checked are processed into blocks and broadcasted throughout the network and synchronized by all Meta and Macro nodes if they are confirmed.

In summary

Transaction -> Anthill -> Txpool -> block creation

Smart contract transaction -> Txpool -> block creation

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