We are very happy that you are part of our community. Now we are going to talk about a very enjoyable topic.

Metatime, which pioneered the firsts, is coming to revolutionize the NFT industry. As a blockchain startup that produces technology, not just uses it, we are designing the world of the future today. And at Metatime, we believe that NFTs are more than just JPEG ownership.

We developed the MetaNFT platform for the Metatime ecosystem by utilizing smart contracts to enable digital assets to enter your daily lives and expand their usage fields. On the MetaNFT platform, unlike other platforms, you can use your digital assets as you wish through smart contracts without the need for any third-party application.

Web 3.0 is inevitable and we will all be there. We all know this, but the unanswerable question is very simple: How?

As Metatime, we offer many revolutionary features and take your NFT experience to the next level. With the MetaNFT platform, you can easily create, personalize, rent or stake NFTs. You can even divide the ownership of your NFTs and tokenize physical assets. Dividing a hotel into 10,000 pieces, distributing them to 10,000 partners, and sharing the profits - that's our dream. To make the world more democratic, more egalitarian.

At the same time, you can convert your digital assets into tokens and organize them into visual or other file types.

Forget all the NFT platforms you've been using and manage your digital collection freely with MetaNFT!

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