Metatime Coin

As Metatime, we continue to set the "New Standard" in the blockchain world. Today, we are going to talk about MetaCoin, the 'only viable currency' for the entire ecosystem.

MetaCoin and the amazing technology behind it are all we need to prove that cryptocurrencies are more than just a trading tool.

The Blockchain Trilemma has been the biggest obstacle since the Bitcoin White Paper was published. Can you have decentralization, security, and scalability in the same network at the same time? Every new blockchain technology has solved one of the three, the most ambitious have managed to solve two at the same time. But the 'Trilemma' was always there. Until Metatime introduced MetaChain and its native cryptocurrency MetaCoin!

MetaCoin is the native cryptocurrency of the MetaChain network, which we offer to users by minimizing the problems experienced in blockchain networks. With a maximum supply of 10 billion, two of the biggest features of MTC are the Auto-Burn and Fee-Burn mechanisms. This makes MTC's price more attractive for investors while constantly reducing the supply! What we said: User-friendly, people-oriented...

Take action now to own MetaCoin, the cryptocurrency of the future, in the most advantageous way! Be a part of this wonderful ecosystem and amazing community!

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