If you're ready, we'll tell you about the heart of the entire ecosystem: MetaChain!

We are determined to be the fastest and most efficient of blockchain networks. The most important element in building this massive ecosystem is our own blockchain network, MetaChain.

With our self-developed MetaChain blockchain network, we are building the technological infrastructure of Web 3.0, the internet of the future. We have developed many blockchain-based products and with the Proof of Meta consensus mechanism and our specially designed mining system, we have made MetaChain fully decentralized.

As Metatime, we started to introduce our own blockchain network MetaChain and dozens of products designed on this network. We aim to create a massive digital ecosystem and offer over 70 digital products to our users.

Thanks to MetaChain, we bring all our products to you in the safest way!

We make a difference with MetaChain technology that minimizes the "Trilemma" of scalability, speed, and security problems encountered in other blockchain networks. With our MetaChain network, we offer our users a speed far above other blockchain networks with a control speed of 700,000+ transactions per second. You can have a unique experience only on MetaChain!

We solve the security problem by maximizing the hybrid mining structure and decentralization. We solve scalability issues with our MetaAnthill architecture.

We aim for everyone to be able to mine!

Thanks to MetaChain, which we have developed with three different mining methods, we make it easy for anyone to mine. Our consensus mechanism that enables this is Proof of Meta (PoM), which is also unique to MetaChain. Our users can either mine from advanced mining hardware called ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) or from their personal computers or mobile phones!

In other words, our miners can choose a mining method according to the hardware they have available in the mining structure, which is divided into three: Micro, Macro, and Meta Miner.

Would you like to set the new standards of the blockchain world with us?

A small reminder; MetaChain will move to Mainnet on 11.11.2023 after the Testnet process is over!

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