Tracking everything is no longer a dream! So at least it is possible to see everything that happens on the MetaChain network!

Introducing MetaExplorer!

A blockchain browser to view all transactions taking place on the MetaChain network, the most efficient form of future technology on which the Metatime ecosystem is built: MetaExplorer!

View all transactions on MetaChain, the heart of the Metatime ecosystem, in the most transparent and detailed way with MetaExplorer! Unlike other blockchain browsers, you can see all the data of any transaction in a much faster and more detailed way with MetaExplorer. You can find out the time of the transaction, address, which block it is on, block creation time, balance, gas limit, amount of gas used, difficulty, nonce information, and much additional information through MetaExplorer.

MetaExplorer, which offers all this data to users with an easy and simple interface that appeals to everyone, is now ready for use! Anyone can follow the transactions and access the data they are looking for!

And no one needs to have a Metatime account to view this data. You can log in to Meta Explorer and track all your transactions, whether with your Metatime account or without the need for an account!

A single blockchain browser for all your transaction details: MetaExplorer!

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