Forget all the other airdrops you've participated in! With our decentralized blockchain ecosystem and the products we have developed to make people's lives easier, we have launched the MetaAirdrop process that will continue for 10 months. MetaAirdrop, which we launched on March 3 with many innovations, continues until January 1, 2024.

During the campaign-filled MetaAirdrop process, we will distribute a total of 200 million MTCs as rewards to participants!

In this unique and competitive process, we built the most ambitious airdrop with innovations such as MetaLeaderboard) and MetaPoint (MTAp). With the MetaAirdrop event we are organizing, we are bringing tens of thousands of participants together in a 10-month adventure.

With MetaAirdrop, we will distribute a total of 200 million MTC. In this context, while we plan to distribute 10 million MTCs every month for 9 months, at the end of the 10-month marathon, we will distribute 110 million MTCs as the grand prize to all participants according to the points earned.

Participants who earn the most points during the MetaAirdrop process will have the chance to win the most prizes from a 200 million MTC prize pool. Participants will be able to perform a variety of tasks to earn points, from social media posts to verification.

Participants in the MetaAirdrop adventure will earn MTC as a reward for the points they collect each month. On the first day of each month, the monthly rankings will be reset. With this strategy, in addition to the MTCs that participants will earn each month, all points earned until 01.01.2024 will be calculated and the total grand prize will be distributed to the participants based on the MetaLeaderboard created with all the points earned during 10 months-long MetaAirdrop.

Do not miss this great opportunity and take your place in the competition now!

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