The principles of data storage, processing, ownership, and transparency of blockchain technology have led developers to create decentralized applications at a growing rate day by day. Given the increasing demand for these developed applications and technology, existing solutions have faced scalability, speed, and security problems. Besides, the solutions have been given priority to narrow user groups familiar with technology instead of the wider audience. To enable the mass acceptance and widespread use of Web 3.0 era, blockchain infrastructures need to be scalable, cost-effective, reliable, and continuously improved structures similar to cloud solutions. In this way, the development of applications that are used by the wider audience can be advanced.

MetaChain is a blockchain network that is built on the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) and it prioritizes scalability, speed, security, and decentralization to eliminate the aforementioned problems. The network allows large audiences to access blockchain technology with human-centered interaction surfaces.

MetaChain has been in development since 2019 by Metatime. MetaAnthill Technology focuses on the "human" factor named after the organized working capacity of ants. It includes original and innovative solutions such as the Hybrid Mining system within the Proof of Meta concept. This combination of innovative technologies and models eliminates the fundamental problems that hinder the widespread adoption of Web 3.0.

MetaChain benefits from MetaAnthill technology to enable fast and secure transactions. MetaAnthill acts as a software library written in Java, a platform-independent integrated accelerator, and a smart processing router that works accordingly.

Proof of Meta hybrid consensus mechanism sends all transactions to MetaMiner, MacroMiner, and MicroMiners, which are part of the hybrid mining system. With the help of smart load optimization, hundreds of thousands of transactions can be audited and processed simultaneously. The verified transactions, if confirmed, are shared on the network by processing them into the blocks and synchronized by all nodes.

The unique hybrid mining system allows the human factor to directly contribute to and drive the ecosystem. In this context, 3 mining options are offered with different roles called MetaMiner, MacroMiner, and MicroMiner, and each of these options has decision-making mechanisms that contribute to the ecosystem.

MetaChain is the main component of the entire ecosystem in which basic applications work integrated and form the infrastructure of the ecosystem.

The main solutions developed by Metatime will be a part of the ecosystem on the first day the blockchain network is launched and will have their own roles in MetaChain.

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