Transaction Fee Burning

Although the MetaChain network is among the most suitable networks regarding transaction fees, the sum of the transfer transaction fees arising from intra-network mobility will reach quite high amounts, based on the ecosystem value.

In every transaction performed on MetaChain, cost-effective transactions and burning are performed. While the fees paid for the transfers are distributed to the pools determined by the system, as a result of this transaction, the Metatime Coins accumulated in the Burn Pool are triggered and burned on a daily basis.

BM=(F/10).(T+1)/(2.T2)BM = (F/10).(T+1)/(2.T^2)

Amount of Metatime Coins to Burn


Transfer Fee (MTC)


10 Million Burned Metatime Coins


20 Million Burned Metatime Coins


All of the transfer fees within the MetaChain network are distributed to certain pools.

The MTCs accumulated in the Fee Pool are shared daily as follows.

Miner Pool: Represents the MTC allocated for each transfer result for high-yield mining models.

Holder Pool: Represents MTC, which is reserved for investors to develop their earnings patterns.

Charity Pool: Collects funds for charities from each transaction made on its blockchain network MetaChain, Charity Pool represents the MTC allocated for these charities.

Advertiser Pool: Represents MTC allocated for promotion and advertising budget.

Burn Pool: Represents the MTC to be burned after each transfer for sustained supply restric- tion. It is completely burned and removed from circulation.

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