MacroMiner (MPoH & MetaAnthill)

MacroMiners are miners who undertake the task of expanding the decentralized and distributed structure of MetaChain, performing signature verification and backing up the blockchain, and who also meet the hardware needs for integrated ecosystem applications.

The desktop application for MacroMiner is designed in a way where everyone can easily contribute to the ecosystem and perform mining operations through its easy installation, multi-operating system support and minimum hardware requirement.

Users who want to become MacroMiner can easily determine the minimum hardware needed on the screen that appears after downloading the software compatible with their operating system from “”. The user who logs in with their wallet only needs to ensure that the hardware remains uninterrupted from the beginning of the process.

In reward distribution, there is a policy of high reward in exchange for loyalty and stability. MacroMiners are divided into 3 groups, according to the hardware power they will provide to the PoM consensus mechanism.

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