Archive Node

The minimum hardware requirements that users who want to undertake the task of Archive Node must provide:

From the moment the Archive Node joins the system, its reward is calculated with multiple parameters. Every day at 00:00 (UTC), Archive Node receives its rewards from the total miner pool, which is 75.000 MTC and is renewed daily.

Archive Node can track its share of the reward from the miner pool, which is updated hourly, but the reward can only be transferred to its wallet at 00:00 (UTC). An Archive Node can earn a maximum of 150 MTC in a 24-hour period.

The MTC amount that will be added to an Archive Node's balance for each hour it provides hardware power is calculated using the following formula:

60.000/24xTN60.000 / 24 x TN

TN : Total Nodes

In addition to the MTC reward earned from the 60.000 MTC reward pool, an Archive Node earns "1MP" for providing uninterrupted hardware power for each 24-hour period. The earned MP points are permanently added to the point balance. At 00:00 (UTC), the Archive Node receives the uninterrupted service reward from the 15.000 MTC mining pool proportional to its MP balance and the number of hours it was active during the day.

The Metatime Coin reward earned at the end of the day is calculated by the following formula:t

(15.000/(TMPx(TA/(TNx24))))xMPx(A/24)(15.000 / ( TMP x ( TA / ( TN x 24 )))) x MP x ( A / 24 )
  • MP : Meta Points

  • TMP : Total Meta Point in the pool

  • TA : Total active hours of all Archive Nodes for the reward day

  • TN : Total Nodes

  • A : Active hours during the day

For instance;

If there are 50.000 active Archive Nodes during the balance update time, the mining reward for that hour will be 0,05 MTC, calculated as 60.000/(50.000x24).

Assuming the user's MP balance is 10, the total MP in the pool (TMP) is 300.000 and the total active hours (TA) is 250.000, a 24-hour active Archive Node will be eligible for a reward of:

(15.000/(300.000x(250.000/(50.000x24))))x10x(24/24)=2,4MTC(15.000 / ( 300.000 x ( 250.000 / ( 50.000 x 24 )))) x 10 x ( 24 / 24 ) = 2,4 MTC

and a total of 3.6 MTC can be withdrawn to the wallet at 00:00 (UTC).

The calculated reward in MTC is hypothetical. The number of nodes in the pool, active hours, and MP owned can increase or decrease the reward based on circumstances.

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