Focused on 'Human'

Not only is the ease of use, security and speed of the created structure important, but also structures have been developed in which users can be included and directed to the system from day one, thanks to structures such as MicroMiner.

At every point of the MetaChain design, the main focus has been to enable users to easily understand and use the products. It aimed to create a user interface that is understandable for everyone, away from the complexity and difficult-to-explain perception of blockchain technologies.

In addition to encouraging application development by different users, an ecosystem of applications developed directly by the Metatime team; It offers safe, fast, distributed and effective solutions from the daily needs of individual users to the most complex problems of institutions.

With this approach, basic ecosystem applications are running on the network from the moment the network was made available. In addition, thanks to this approach, human-centered solutions are presented as standard quality and approach.t

To see all the products offered by Metatime, you can visit the Metatime website (

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