Secure, fast and supported with EVM

MetaChain is a blockchain network that has brought a hybrid mining system solution under the management of a platform-independent mining control technology called MetaAnthill. This technology with the support of the Proof of Meta consensus mechanism remedies the deficiencies and improves the weak points of the blockchain infrastructure.

It brings together all the pieces of the puzzle on a single network and offers blockchain-based integrated solutions in a single decentralized ecosystem, without the need for any Layer-2 solution by optimally meeting the demands of individuals and institutions for systems with speed, security, and scalability problems.

Scaling → MetaAnthill

MetaAnthill technology allows users to take full advantage of the speed of Web 3.0.

Security → Hybrid Mining

Hybrid mining provides peak security by ensuring the maximum level of distribution by increasing the blockchain structure with MetaMiner, MacroMiner and MicroMiners located in hundreds of thousands of different locations.

Decentralization → PoM Consensus

In contrast to consensus mechanisms, PoM (Proof of Meta) links the solution of the Blockchain Trilemma to the participation and guidance of all users and focuses on decentralization due to its hybrid nature.

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