Constant Burning

While investors and Metatime users are financially protected – thanks to the unstoppable supply restriction by MetaChain and the indefinitely constant burning mechanism that continues in high amounts at the beginning and then decreases –, MTC gains value day by day because of the supply-demand balance. For all Metatime Coins that are not sold during the presale phase, a burn pool is created, and unsold Metatime Coins are transferred to this pool. These are burned through the Auto-Burn mechanism.

Auto-Burn is a formula that guarantees that the maximum MTC is removed from the circulation in the optimum time without leaving the burning process to the initiative of the individual.

M=((MB.13.104)/(100LP+S).((Cos(n.109+86)).2,923)M = ((MB.13.10^4) / (100LP + S) . ((Cos(n.10^{-9} + 86)).2,923)

Amount of Metatime Coins to Burn


Liquidity Price


Number of Blocks Produced in 2 Months


Variable Value

(S) (Initial Value: 1000)

Total Burned Metatime Coins


With the Auto-Burn formula, burning is performed regularly in 2-month periods, inversely proportional to the MTC price.

Under the Cos90=0 valuation, the formula remains unchanged until unsold MTCs are burned.

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