APR: Annual Percentage Rate.

Block Time: It is the time of block formation.

EVM: Ethereum Virtual Machine, a virtual machine that is present on all nodes. The EVM is a technology that ensures the proper and synchronous progress of all in-network developments and activities.

Layer-2: Layer-2 is a network structure that aims to find solutions by making structural changes to the main network structure.

MacroMiner: These are miners that operate with the MPoH consensus mechanism.

MASC: Smart contract formation is provided with an easy interface without requiring any technical knowledge in the ecosystem.

MetaAnthill: Intelligent, platform-independent and unique MetaChain solution that provides cross-node synchronization between nodes and hardware usage optimization in hybrid mining system.

MetaMiner: These are miners that operate with the MPoS consensus mechanism.

MicroMiner: These are mobile miners that operate with the MPoSW consensus mechanism.

MPoS: Meta Proof of Stake or Delegated Proof of Stake by Metatime is a consensus mechanism that is similar to the PoS (Proof of Stake) system in terms of its features, but works faster and fairer than the PoS algorithm.

MPoH: Meta Proof of History is a mechanism developed by Metatime, that tries to prove in what order the transactions taking place on the blockchain are and whether the transactions are proceeding correctly. Meta Proof of History ensures the fast operation of the network while maintaining the security of the blockchain network.

MPoSW: Meta Proof of Social Work developed by Metatime, checks the transactions reaching the blockchain and ensures that they are confirmed or denied quickly, as well as providing guidance to the user to answer questions about the ecosystem and contributing to the ecosystem in a social sense.

MTC: Metatime Coin is the native token of the MetaChain network.

Node: Node is the name given to devices that have many functions such as forming the consensus mechanism of a blockchain network, ensuring the security of in-network activities, and storing data.

PoM: Proof of Meta, or Hybrid consensus mechanism, is a unique MetaChain solution that incorporates MetaAnthill technology and MPoS, MPoH and MPoSW consensus mechanisms.

TCPS: Transaction Check Per Second is the number of transactions that can be verified and confirmed per second.

TCP: It is a protocol that provides data transmission between devices. TCT: It is Transaction Check Time.

TCT: It is Transaction Check Time.

TPS: Transaction Per Second is the number of transactions where a blockchain network can process the transactions per second.

TxPool: An organized sequence in which transactions are stored and sorted before being added to a new block.

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