Solution and Conclusion

Metatime has always focused on developing blockchain technology and its integration into human life. MetaChain has developed innovative technologies by detecting user needs that existing blockchain networks cannot meet.

These technologies include MetaAnthill, a unique solution, the Hybrid Mining Model to which it is connected, and the Proof of Meta consensus mechanism. MetaAnthill maximizes speed, which is one of the main problems of existing networks, by fully exploiting the potential of Web 3.0.

The Hybrid Mining System provides maximum security by increasing the blockchain structure to the maximum level of distribution.

Proof of Meta provides optimal decentralization by connecting the solution to the decentralization of the blockchain trilemma with the participation and guidance of all users.

In addition to the solutions produced based on MetaChain, Metatime has also undertaken to develop the main ecosystem applications that may be required on the network. These practices form part of a human-centered, fair and fully integrated ecosystem in nature. Thus, it is aimed to go beyond making blockchain technology available not only to a limited and small community, but to familiarize wider audiences with the technology and to diversify its usage scenarios. Purposefully, surfaces such as MicroMiner have been created that will engage with the users directly.

With MetaChain, the user profile and needs have been addressed at all levels, from individual to sectoral use, and the network and its unique features have been designed considering both technological and social reflexes.

The bridge feature allows users to transfer their assets across chains on both the local network and other networks supported by MetaChain.

Through its browser extension, MetaChain enables users to transfer their assets on the network and interact with ecosystem projects. Additionally, other networks operating on the infrastructure supported by MetaChain can be added to this wallet. Thus, users can easily manage all their digital assets with a single wallet.

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