Transaction Check Per Second (TCPS)

Most blockchain networks offer probabilistic transaction certainty. In other words, transactions do not become definite immediately, they are finalized after a certain number of additional blocks are added to the chain. The main idea behind this solution is that as blocks are continuously confirmed and added, the probability that previous transactions will be valid and irreversible increases.

Although TPS measures speed, it may not correlate with certainty. A chain may have high TPS based on a reasonable definition of transactions but may take longer to establish precision depending on TCPS and TPS.

Transaction Check Per Second (TCPS) is the number of transactions that can be pre-verified and denied in an instant.

MetaChain with a brand new approach — thanks to the MetaMiner, MacroMiner, MicroMiner components and MetaAnthill technology, which form the consensus structure — optimally sustains the factors that other networks today have to waive with scaling solutions.

In the optimum hardware and network topology, the block time is less than 5 seconds and the node synchronization happens instantly.

In tests with 19 nodes, it was possible to verify and confirm more than 700,000 transactions per second. It is predicted that theoretically, as long as TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) support is provided, up to 3.3 million transactions per second could be reached.

Blockchain NetworksTransaction Pre-Verification ProcessTCPS

Metatime Coin (MTC)


700,000 +

Bitcoin (BTC)



Ethereum (ETH)

15 sec


Solana (SOL)

0,4 sec



0,5 sec


Stealler (XLM)

2-5 sec


Litecoin (LTC)

2,5 min


Avalanche (AVAX)

1-2 sec


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