MetaAnthill technology has been developed for the hybrid mining system in MetaChain to synchronize at high speed and use the resources of the platform-independent hardware most efficiently.

Inspired by nature, MetaAnthill literally means ‘anthill’. The working method of ants – who can instinctively recognize the most advanced and optimal scenarios – has been adopted in terms of workforce allocation and efficiency, and the structure of the anthill has been internalized in terms of the created work path. MetaAnthill is a software library written in Java. It acts as a platform-independent integrated accelerator and a smart processing router.

MetaAnthill scans the device at the hardware level and acts according to the configuration and available resources of the hardware. It also creates the path structure of the network for the synchronization between nodes.

MetaAnthill allows the blockchain network to be more scalable. It minimizes confirmation times of transactions and instantly meets millions of transactions on MetaChain. It provides pre-verification and confirmation of the transactions because of seamless inter-node synchronization.

MetaAnthill also performs different tasks depending on the role and node type of the miners that make up the system.

MetaMiner monitors the entire network traffic and routes the traffic according to the incoming transactions.

MacroMiner ensures that the hardware required for MetaChain is analyzed, the necessary software installations are completed and the most up-to-date software is used.

MicroMiner monitors node density and ping time, and provides communication and fast synchronization, and integration of all transactions into the blockchain network in the shortest way.

MetaAnthill divides incoming queries to the blockchain into transactions and more.

To ensure the verification and confirmation of hundreds of thousands of transactions in the same second, all incoming transactions are pre-verified by MetaAnthill. These are then sent to MetaMiner, MacroMiner, and MicroMiners – that are part of the hybrid mining system –, for block generation by using smart load optimization. Verified transactions, if confirmed, are processed into blocks, shared with the entire network, and synchronized by Meta and Macro nodes.

Incoming Smart Contracts, on the other hand, are transmitted directly to TxPool, without any waiting process, they take their place in the generated block and are synchronized.

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